Selecting a Board Management Software

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A board management software (or board portal) is an electronic solution that helps facilitate governance, enhancing productivity and transparency. These tools are used widely across industries and can assist boards make better decisions.

A great board software should offer a user-friendly, intuitive interface for both administrators and members alike. It should be scalable and feature rich, with advanced features like meeting summaries, annotations and voting, among others. Additionally, it should come with a feature that helps with the day-to-day tasks like making agendas for meetings, scheduling meetings and surveys, as well as making minutes.

It’s important that you choose one that has a strong customer service when selecting the right board portal. A lot of providers offer free trials so that you can try the software for yourself. Request testimonials and recommendations from other users of the software. Verify the security of the system. Certain providers, for instance SOC-2 certification are available as well as multi-factor authentication.

A good board management program should incorporate a variety of security methods to ward off the unauthorized access of data and loss. A dashboard protected by passwords, for instance, allows for controlled permissions while an encrypted message protects sensitive documents. Some vendors also offer remote locking, which permits directors to control who can view or edit documents even after they’ve been shared. Some vendors also let you tag team members for actions items, increasing accountability. Some providers also integrate with popular tools such as Slack and Trello to help facilitate collaboration.

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